Moti came about as a result of Covid denying us the opportunity for international travel.  With two offspring living overseas, visiting them combined with an additional destination  was an annual event.

Being of the adventurous kind we decided to consider the option of a campervan so we could explore the beauty of our own back yard. In mid 2020 after a few months of intense research we took the plunge and committed to a New Zealand manufactured design, on an imported Fiat Ducato chassis.  We signed on the dotted line on 20 December 2020 and were expecting to take delivery in August 2021. Unbeknownst to us the Delta variant arrived and shut New Zealand down again, and Auckland for a further four months. It also stalled the production of our van.

Fortunately for us, most of the major decisions on the accessories and for the interior had been made with Matt Donaldson, owner of TranztecRV in Thames who was building the van.

Moti is a two-berth, customised and modern campervan that is proving to be a comfortable home away from home. She comes complete with shower, toilet; three-burner gas hob and gas oven; a 140L fridge; a solar panel of 340 watts and adequate cupboard and drawer storage.  She also has two 140L tanks for both grey and fresh water.

Driving Moti is a pleasure and certainly doesn't hold up other traffic on the roads. She has a 2.3L Turbo diesel, 9-speed automatic 180hp engine, and is 6.4 metres in length.

Using Moti to explore New Zealand will give us the opportunity to go into some of the more remote areas we have yet to discover, like Central Otago, Canterbury, Manawatu and Wairarapa and the Far North.

With our love of photography we hope to document our discoveries, have lots of fun and work on some personal projects as well.

We've bought a couple of E-bikes which are proving great fun.  So as they say, 'have wheels will travel' gives us double the opportunity to get out and about.


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