As you know competition is alive and strong in our household!  Between the two of us,  I am probably the lazy one and must be cajoled and often prodded into submitting my images into competitions, salons or for selection in camera publications.

Several of my photographer colleagues often wonder why I don’t readily enter into competitions but for me, it is not the purpose of what I set out to achieve.  I make photographs for myself and hopefully for others to get enjoyment from the images I make.  I get pleasure in going out for a day of photography (with Moira), and then bringing my photographs to life through post production.

Therein lies another difference.  I do not edit my photographs very heavily, and try to capture what I want, in-camera, as I see it before me.

Nevertheless, when I do enter some salons or exhibitions, I am rather pleased when I do achieve a result. I do have more results, but another bad habit is not keeping track of the results!  It’s a good thing one of two is well organised.

2021 PSNZ Sony National Exhibition Open Print, Acceptance x 2
2021 North Shore Salon of Photography, Acceptance x 2
2020 PSNZ New Zealand Camera publication, published, ‘The Eternal Flow’
2019 PSNZ Canon National Exhibition, Open Prints, Acceptance x 3
2018 North Shore Salon of Photography, Open Prints, Acceptance x 2
2018 PSNZ New Zealand Camera publication, published ‘Determined’
2017 PSNZ Central Regional Salon, Open Digital, Acceptance
2015 Auckland Photographic Society End of Year Awards, Novice Digital, runner-up



Auckland Photographic Society
Photographic Society of New Zealand
Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain

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