The kea is a large, strong-flying, olive-green parrot with scarlet underwings and a slender grey-black bill.

I had never seen one in the flesh but had certainly read about their inquisitive nature, and their ability to pinch food, destroy pieces of cars, vans etc.

They have a distinctive call which is a long, loud, high-pitched descending cry which may be broken “kee-ee-aa-aa”, or unbroken “keeeeeaaaa”.

Waiting to enter the Homer Tunnel on the Milford Sound Road, my friends did a fabulous imitation of the Kea's call.  Miraculously it wasn't too long before a couple of the birds descended near us and started showing off their personalities.

Another cheeky bird, full of personality and easy to fall in love with.  They leave you wanting to photograph them more and more.  Sadly, I didn't catch them in flight, as their plumage under their wingspan is stunningly colourful and beautiful.

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