New Zealand Dotterel

The New Zealand dotterel is a familiar bird found on sandy east coast beaches in the northern North Island. They are also sparsely distributed around much of the rest of the country.

The northern New Zealand dotterel is more plentiful. I first discovered and fell in love with these gorgeous little creatures while holidaying at Whangamata. I have subsequently found them in various locations around the Coromandal coastline, as well as some coastal beaches close to Auckland City.

I am fascinated with these birds; their speed and protective instinct is amazing. I have learned more about their behaviour and now find if I sit myself somewhere nearby to photograph them, they will often come closer and closer to me.

Sadly urbanisation and humanisation of coastal areas now encroaches on the survival of the birds, however it is reassuring to see local communities are increasingly providing protection programmes to improve their breeding success.

I used a Nikon 500mm lens to photograph these birds.

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